This is a spectacular summer to be a moviegoer, infofans. I cannot recall so many titles on my “go see this in the theater” list, as opposed to my typical “wait till this gets to netflix” or even the “this is an insult to what little intelligence I have left” lists. Hellboy II was highly entertaining, as I expect The Dark Knight and X-files will be as well.

On the subject of movies, while at LOEX of the WEST, I was lucky enough to meet one of the organizers, Tom Ipri, aka Tombrarian, librarian at UNLV’s picturesque Lied Library. He was probably weirded out by my introduction as I sought him out, at the request of a mutual acquaintance, like a golden retriever to a ham sandwich. He didn’t know what hit him, as I was most likely incomprehensible from the Las Vegas sunshine and breakfast buffets.

In any case, Tom does a lot in his job but one particular duty is to serve as liaison to UNLV’s film department; also, he pretty much gets to watch and evaluate all the cool and curious new films as part of ALA’s Notable Movies for Adults committee. So in addition to the summer blockbusters, Tom will occasionally have a weird and intriguing pick to share.

I’m particularly interested in Deep Water.

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One response to “filmbrarian

  1. Ha. That says more about the mutual friend than it does about our meeting. When someone says, “Do you know X?” I always get a little nervous.

    Yes, watch Deep Water!

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