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Initially I wasn’t sure about adding reviews about music as I intended the blog to serve as a marker for what I’ve been reading, but really, why not? Us library geeks write about gaming, movies, comics, manga, etc. so why shouldn’t new and creative music be included, even if we’re not music librarians?

For those unaware of Giant Sand and Howe Gelb, the Tucson-based band and its leader never look beyond the scope of their current experiment. An experiment which usually necessitates a southwestern desert haze and interstellar outlook. In his subtle singing droll of a voice, Gelb strolls along the border between wry resignation and light hearted whimsy, his band never veering from the laid-back rock and and roll it so effortlessly oozes.

Gelb is a musician who takes his time and never sticks to a formula. Other than combining a smoke-filled, saloon-sounding piano with the twang and buzz of southwestern guitar. Not to mention a little backup from friends like Neko Case, M. Ward and Marie Frank, with the resulting sound like a musical equivalent of a deep, dark drive down the highway at twilight. Standout tracks from the new release called proVISIONS include ‘Increment of love’, ‘Stranded Pearl’, ‘Belly full of fire’ and ‘Well enough alone’.

I’ll admit I have a stake in this review, as Giant Sand is one of my favorite bands. That being said, this new album by Howe Gelb and company is, for me, the most consistent release from the Sandmen in quite some time. I daresay that I think it’s slightly more cohesive than their masterpiece Chore of Enchantment. Which means that it is astonishingly brilliant.

take a listen to some samples from proVISIONS.

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