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the revolution will not be printed

Unnecessary printing is one of my biggest annoyances.  Since students get into the habit of printing at the very last possible moment, they tend to click on ‘print’ multiple times, queuing up documents that they won’t cancel on their print server.  Furthermore, they either don’t know or simply refuse to consolidate their slides when working with PowerPoint, printing more pages than they should.  And double sided printing?  Is it compatible with your printer?

Greenprint is a new free download (paid upgrade available) that, if anything, forces people to be more conscientious about their printing by highlighting extraneous pages and content, offering a pdf writer for file conversion, and a cost tracker for calculating how much you save (or spend) when saving paper.  I’m slightly skeptical that it will make a huge difference, but any difference is worth the free download and pdf converter.

Watch a tutorial.