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new music – calexico

There are so many intriguing parts constituting the whole of Calexico that make its sound more an experience than a commercial product.  John Convertino’s drumming, the stormy, border-infused lyrics of Joey Burns, the duality of breezy subtlety and explosive thunder from the brass section of Jacob Valenzuela and Martin Wenk, and Paul Niehaus’ dreamy, ultra-slick pedal steel and electric guitar can all have separate and successful solo avenues.  Together though, they are Calexico, one of the best under-the-radar southwestern and alternative bands around.

Their previous release, Garden Ruin, was an attempt to consolidate their well-established musical experiment, and though lyrically Calexico continued to push boundaries, the fullness of their sound was stifled. Carried to Dust is a return to form, slightly more sorrowful than The Black Light, Hot Rail or Feast of Wire, but it is incredibly strong nonetheless. It’s as if the chilled atmosphere of this album is symbolic of the desert in winter.

Calexico both captures and reinvents the haze and tumble of southwestern border music.  Miles upon miles of highway, man-made lakes, illegal ports, migrants avoiding spotlights, living on the wire, and dreams of a new life are the stories and images of Calexico. Stories which often highlight the plight of those overlooked by most citizens, the invisible people quietly struggling to survive.

In addition to the release of of Two Silver Trees, standouts of the album include Writer’s Minor Holiday, Inspiracion (with guests Amparo Sanchez and Jairo Zavala), El Gatillo, Slowness (with Pieta Brown), and Red Blooms.

Also, can’t forget to mention the always evocative artwork of Victor Gastelum.