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review – nosferattitude

You Suck is the sequel to The Author Guy’s foray into humorous, bizarro vamp-lit, and it’s just as zany and enjoyable as its predecessor, Bloodsucking Fiends. I won’t go too much into the story except to say that C. Thomas Flood is now forced to accept his newly acquired pale force, a first reaction being to promptly apply liberal amounts of both orange-hued tanning lotion and intense monkey love with his partner in blood, Jody Stroud. Add to that goth-chick and minion extraordinaire Abby Normal, a blue entrepreneur of the night, vamps obsessed with tracksuits, and a huge shaved cat named Chet. That’s it, go read the thing for yourself.

I will say though, that Moore has a definite knack for the unexpected in his tales. He simply can’t be categorized an author of the funny, since any characters are fair game for an imaginative and grizzly maim or demise. That being said, his ability to absorb the ever-changing and complex vernacular of today’s disaffected youth is really an experience to savor, a prime example being his excerpts from the diary of Abby Normal. I can’t think of any better description than…gonzo.

PS – While on the subject of the vampire genre, the new series True Blood, though less gonzo than the works of the author guy, is well worth a view.